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Below you will find our serve teams. If any of these teams seem like something that you would enjoy helping with.

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Meet the teams



The AV team's goal is to have a smooth service both audibly and visually for all our guests. This is accomplished by setting up, opperating and tearing down all of the audio visual equipment each Sunday


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Facilities Team

The Facility Team's goal is to set up and transform the facility into a church that can be easily navigated by our guests. This team works hard behind the scenes to really make Ridgeview look and feel great. Everything you see on a Sunday morning was unloaded and set up by a member of this team. 


welcome team

The Welcome Team's goal is to create an environment to welcome everyone in a warm and refreshing way where outsiders leave as insiders. This is accomplished by warm, friendly greeting and setting up and tearing down the name tag, refreshment and information tables. As well as setting up the decor on the stage.



The KidZone Team's goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where we teach kids about Jesus and show them His love. We have a boys K-5th grade class and a girls K-5th grade class and the KidZone teachers set up the room and teach the kids in active and creative ways about Jesus and His love

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The Worship Team's goal is to play and sing skillfully with energy as we honor God and engage the congregation. This is accomplished by practicing during the week and rehearsing on Sunday mornings.

     *These teams require prior, faithful serving on other teams and in some cases Ridgeview membership or other pre-requisites

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