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Exploring Ridgeview

We’ve designed the Exploring Ridgeview path as a way for you to learn more about Ridgeview.

Below a sequence of steps you can take.

At your own pace, check out what the steps towards involvement & commitment are.


Preview- Where we're Going

In about an hour, uncover more about us...

  • Who We Are

  • What we are all about

  • What we hope happens at Ridgeview

This Class is offered every 8-10 weeks Sign up by clicking the button below.


Discover-How we will Get There

This is a longer class where you will learn...

  • More of Ridgeview's story

  • Our Strategy and structure

  • Our statement of faith

You need to attend Preview Class before you sign-up for Discover Class. This class is offered every 12-16 weeks sign up by clicking the link below.


COMMIT- Join as a Member

This is your chance to make a formal commitment to Ridgeview.

This step isn't a class but a conversation with a staff member.

  • We want to know you, and for you to know us!

  • Ask any lingering questions you have and get clarity on how you can
    make in immediate impact within Ridgeview.

                   You can set-up a Commit Conversation after you have completed the

                                                        Exploring Ridgeview classes

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