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We believe that “life to life” relationships are an integral part of God’s plan for making progress in life. Because of that, a lot of the spiritual growth, ministry, and direction in our church happens in small groups. This year we are launching Growth Groups. These groups will meet weekly for one semester. Joining a Growth Group is a great way to build authentic community and receive support as you grow spiritually. Growth groups are a place to build relationships, grow closer to God and have fun as a group.

Join a Growth Group today! Scroll down and see our leaders and get more details about our Growth Groups.

Our Growth Group leaders

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Alex & Jenny Stewart

Coed Group
"The Book of Revelation"

Alex and Jenny have been married 21 years and have 6 children. They have attended Ridgeview since 2021. Alex works at Gateway Seminary and serves at Ridgeview on the Facilities team. Jenny serves teaching in our pre school KidZone class. They enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park as a family. 


Brandon Tucker

Men's Group

"Growing In Faith"

Brandon has been married to his wife Corey for 14 years. Dad duties? They have 2 boys and a newbie arriving in March. First attended Ridgeview in 2018 He’s now the Sunday Service Coordinator at Ridgeview. Outside of his role, he enjoys the hands-on experience of building custom computers and the thrill of racing RC cars with his boys. 


Natalie Mills

Women's Group

"Growing in Faith"

Natalie has attended Ridgeview for 3 years. She serves in our nursery. Natalie loves hiking, especially with dogs!


Kevin & Angie Moore

Coed Group
"Marriage- His Needs Her Needs"

Kevin and Angie will celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary this year. They have 4 children and 17 grandchildren. They have attended Ridgeview for 2 1/2 years. Kevin and Angie like road trips and camping with friends and family.


Joey & Allie Bowman

Coed Group
"Lessons on Christian Living"

Joey and Allie have been married since June 2023. They have one daughter, Loa, and one son who's on the way! They have attended Ridgeview since 2018. Joey leads facilities and is in the band, and Allie is the KidZone director. They both love playing games!  


Ben and Lori Montgomery

Coed Group

"Marriage- Love and Respect"

Ben and Lori have been married for 17 years and have five children (ages 15, 12, 10, 7, and 4). They have been attending Ridgeview since Fall 2019. Ben serves as our KidZone Boys Leader and Lori serves in KidZone Girls and leads our Women's Ministry.

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