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Choose Faith Over Fear

We all face challenges and change every day. The key is praying in the middle of the change, asking God for help, and reaching out to others for prayer and counsel. Below are some resources to help you grow in faith. From knowing your story and how to share it, resources on how to pray and Bible plans to help you learn what the Bible says.

We believe that “life to life” relationships are an integral part of God’s plan for making progress in life. Because of that, a lot of the spiritual growth, ministry, and direction in our church happens in small groups. Community Groups, or “C-Groups” as we like to call them will meet weekly for four semesters. Joining a C-Group is a great way to grow in your relationship with the Lord, learn to apply the Bible, deepen friendships with people at Ridgeview, and have fun together.

Check Out C-Groups

Community Group


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