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NEW Sermon Series



God gave us emotions to add flavor to life and to add depth to the human experience. However, our emotions are also easily distorted.

Negative emotions tend to…

  • Distort our perspective

  • Distort our priorities

  • Damage our stewardships

In this series we will look at how to evaluate and process anger, fear, and sadness and learn how to respond in a way that can bring blessing instead of destruction.

February 11    Triggered

February 18    Exchanging Anger

February 25    Bridling Fear

March 3    Limiting Sadness

March 10    Enjoying Delight


​Our Sunday services begin at 9:00 and 10:30am at Jessie Turner Community Center. The service will be livestreamed at 10:30am on our YouTube page and available online afterward and can be viewed at or on our YouTube page.


Upcoming Events

We meet every Sunday morning for a worship service. We would also love to meet you at any of our other local events.

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