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we're on the move

On June 6, Ridgeview is moving to Jessie Turner Community Center!
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Strategic Vision

Provides a space for us to gather indoors without weather restrictions.

Provides space for continued growth.

Puts us in the heart of North Fontana and the city’s growth.

Gives us a chance to invite the community to a new chapter in a new location.

Gives us a stable and familiar location that the community knows.

Price is very reasonable compared to other Community Centers.

Praise God for His provision! We have been praying for this space to become available to us since December 2017 (before Ridgeview even launched!) In addition to the vision above, here is some additional perspective: Community Centers are ideal spaces for ongoing worship services and events because they are event-driven facilities (opposed to schools). This move also allows for us to produce a quality worship experience with Audio-Visual capabilities and a stage. The facility is inviting and clean and this makes a huge impression on guests. Plus, The Jessie Turner Center is next to a park and outdoor space which will provide opportunities to further connect and build community.

  • We will need to wear masks while indoors.

  • We will need to sit physically distant while inside for worship.

  • KidZone is not permitted inside until Sunday, June 20th.

  • Temperature checks will be conducted as you enter facility.

  • Where is Jessie Turner Community Center?
    It’s at 15556 Summit Avenue in Fontana, North of the 210 freeway and East of the 15 freeway. Check out map here: Jessie Turner
  • Isn’t Jessie Turner a COVID testing site?
    Yes, the city of Fontana does use the community center as a testing center. However, it’s only being used Monday-Friday and in a completely different section of the community center which includes a separate entrance we will not utilize and area we will not access.
  • Why not stay in the park?
    We have loved “Church at the Park” but the city of Rancho is ending this program. While we could potentially rent for longer, the price and availability would likely change as the city looks to phase out businesses using parks for ongoing services.
  • Why and when do we need to wear masks?
    As we move indoors, we will need to comply with the state and city guidelines for all indoor space and, as guests, we want to do what is asked of us. Can we remove masks once seated? Unfortunately, all in attendance (over the age of 2) will have to wear a mask the whole time while inside.
  • What's the plan for KidZone?
    Currently, separating households is not permitted inside per state guidelines. It looks like this will change on June 20th. We will keep families together inside during the service until we can launch KidZone on Sunday, June 20th.
  • Why not just wait to move until restrictions are lifted?
    We cannot wait for restrictions to be lifted! However, one of our Ridgeview values is to “Buy up the Opportunity.” An opportunity is before us which has not been available for 7-8 years. We think now is the time to make this move as God has opened this door.
  • Why not get our own facility so we can do what we want?
    As a new church, we would love a new facility to grow in! However the cost of leasing a space or buying property is not feasible at our age and stage of church life. Renting the Jessie Turner center will cost approximately $1500-1700 a month, whereas leasing our own worship facility would cost approximately $10,000 a month (not including costs for tenant improvements or required permits). Also, in this current real estate market, commercial property is not available in North Fontana.
  • Will there still be an online service?
    Yes, we will continue to offer our online service to reach new people in our community as well as to provide online engagement for those not yet ready to meet in person. (Online service is at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm).
  • How will we stay connected with physical distancing?
    Our goal will be to provide ample time for us to gather outside before and after the service without as many restrictions. We plan to start a Coffee and Donut hangout every Sunday at 9:30am when we move. We also want to encourage everyone to head to the park after church to give us time to connect after the service.
What can I do as Ridgeview makes this move?
We’re glad you asked!

Help us get a G.R.I.P. on this opportunity!



Give your time and give financially.


Time: As we move into new space, we need more hands on deck! Now is a great time to serve and help in specific ways. 


Financially: when you give to Ridgeview it advances our mission forward. Begin giving regularly if you don’t and/or give one-time to help us with the cost of new equipment and resources needed.


Whenever change occurs—we either move forward or step back. Now is the perfect time to move forward and join us on this new adventure. Don't pull away or move backwards! Join with us and get a front row seat as God rallies Ridgeview! Also, think through others within Ridgeview who you can encourage and rally with.


Moving gives us opportunity to invite neighbors, friends, and family to Ridgeview. You might be the invitation someone has been waiting for.


Please pray for all the details to come together and for this move to lead to many more hearing about the refreshing life found in Christ.

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